You're Invited to our Slumber Party!!

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Slumber Party!

Let Paws at Play be your dog's home away from home. While you are on vacation, a business trip or just can't be home with them we will care for and pamper them like they are our own.  Our goal is to make this a stress free and exciting time for both you and your furry friend.  We will have your dog contact you daily by sending photos through text or email.

Sleeping Arrangements

We offer crateless boarding. All dogs sleep on oversized comfy sleeping bag beds or you may bring your own from home. If your dog does better in a crate we have crates as well or you can bring theirs from home.

24 hour care

We will have a pet care attendant here all night with your pooch. After all it is our slumber party what kind of host would we be if we left.

What to bring

We want to keep things as normal as possible for your dog and to avoid any tummy issues we ask that you bring your dogs food and feeding instructions in when you drop them off. Also any medications and instructions. We will provide the snacks


  • Requirements to attend: Owner must complete an application
  • Must be up to date on vaccinations specifically rabies, distemper and bordetella (kennel cough)
  • Must be free of fleas and ticks. If your dog has either we will treat them at the owner’s expense
  • Must be treated with a flea and tick preventative
  • Must be people and dog friendly
  • Must be spayed/neutered after 6 months of age
  • Must be in generally good health